Mission Statement  

To develop LEADERS - One child at a time

  About The School  

Our Motto: The Main Thing is to keep the Main Thing the Main Thing.

Image for Our Motto:  The Main Thing is to keep the Main Thing the Main Thing.

MES provides education to grades Pre-K through 2nd grade.  Our current enrollment is 469 students.  Some Pre-K students are housed at the daycare center near the Middle School.  Our school received an SBA grant and we renovated the interior of the school to meet the needs of our grade-level students. 




1.  All students can learn and must actively share in the responsibility for learning

2.  High expectations build confident, self-directed lifelong learners

3.  The family and community should have a positive influence on students' learning



7:50 Arrival of first bus.  Doors open to public.  Unless eating breakfast, all students report directly to their homerooms

8:20 Instructional day begins.

11:00 Kindergarten eats lunch

11:30 First grade eats lunch

12:00 Second grade eats lunch

12:15 Pre-school eats lunch

12-30-1:14 Kindergarten has special enrichment.

1:15-1:59 2nd grade has special enrichment.

2:00-2:44 1st grade has special enrichment.

3:00 Car riders and walkers report to the gym to be dismissed. Early bus riders are dismissed from lower (north) doors.

3:20 Teachers escort students to the buses.  

3:45 Staff dismisses for the day.