Class Schedule  


7:50 Arrival of first bus.  Doors open to public.  Unless eating breakfast, all students report directly to their homerooms

8:20 Instructional day begins.

11:00 Kindergarten eats lunch

11:30 First grade eats lunch

12:00 Second grade eats lunch

12:15 Pre-school eats lunch

12-30-1:14 Kindergarten has special enrichment.

1:15-1:59 2nd grade has special enrichment.

2:00-2:44 1st grade has special enrichment.

2:55 Car riders and walkers report to the gym to be dismissed. Early bus riders are dismissed from lower (north) doors.

3:10-3:15 Teachers escort students to the main entrance to load the buses.  

3:45 Staff dismisses for the day.