Trees planted on the playground and front lawn
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Thursday, April 07, 2011
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WV Project Communitree helps enhance the MES campus

Staff members and students returned from Spring Break to find seven beautiful trees had been planted on the MES campus.  Members of the WV Project CommuniTree Board planted the trees on April 7th.

These trees will provide shade on the playground and will enhance the beauty of the front lawn at the school.  Lesson plans are being developed so each grade will be responsible for the maintenance of one of the trees on the playground.  The students will learn about the species of the tree and the benefits of planting trees such as stormwater management. 

Tree identification signs will be posted at the base of each tree within the mulch to indicate the sponsoring grade.  Two additional trees will be specially marked: one in memory of Carlton Hilliard, a great friend and supporter of MES students and one for all staff members (past and present) at MES.

We sincerely appreciate the effort of everyone involved in this project.

Jennifer Hammer

Carla Hardy

Josh Hardy

Anthony Rao

Ralph Keller

Bob Clark 


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If you plant hard work, you will reap success.

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