MES is a Bucketfilling School
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Have you filled a bucket today?
Have you filled a bucket today?
Bucketfillers say and do things that are kind and respectful


We are excited to introduce a new character development program entitled "Bucket Filling" based on the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud.  It is a message of kindness, responsibility, and respect.

The bucketfilling concept is simple: We all carry an invisible bucket that holds our good thoughts and feelings.  When our bucket is full, we feel happy; when our bucket is empty, we feel sad.

We fill buckets when we do and say things that are kind, caring and respectful.  We dip into buckets when we are unkind, mean or disrespectful.  Even young children understand that actions and words can either fill a bucket or dip into it.

The Bucket Fillers teach 3 rules for a happy life:

1)Be a bucket filler

2)Don't dip

3)Use your lid to protect your bucket and other people's buckets.

We hope you will go to the website, to see more information about bucket filling.

Each classroom at MES has a bucket and all staff members will be looking for students who display appropriate behavior in the hallway, cafeteria, and during bathroom breaks.  The teachers will give the classrooms a "Caught Being Good Coin" when they see good behavior so the students can "fill their classroom bucket".  If the students collect 50 coins during the 9 weeks they will participate in the 9 weeks reward.

Encourage your child to "fill someone's bucket" everyday by saying or doing something kind.  You can even sing the following song to remind your child about the importance of kindness and respect.

(Tune: Row, row, row your boat)

Fill, fill, fill a bucket every single day.

You can fill a bucket with the kind words that you say.

Fill, fill, fill a bucket, it's all up to you.

You can fill a bucket with the nice things that you do.

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