Kindergarten class sends Gingerbread friends around the world
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015
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Students in Mrs. Carr's Kindergarten class at Moorefield Elementary participated in a cross curriculum exchange project in December that allowed them to learn about other Kindergarten students from around the country and the world such as Texas, Alaska, Florida , Guam and Australia to name a few. Students first listened to the story about Gingerbread Friends written by Jan Brett, then each student made a Gingerbread Friend to send in a letter. Each student took time to write a short letter to a his/ her specific Gingerbread Friend (state) and mailed information about our state to a total of 23 new schools. Students also were able to explore Google Earth and see where some of the new friends schools were located. This opportunity was made possible by using 21st century technology and the help from Kindergarten teacher Janice Smith who lives in Covington , Tennessee.

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